Story TitleAuthor Guess
The Raid
The Bridge Battle
Where there's a will
The Soulspeaker
Hoy Girl
The Grinning Man
Fashion Monsters
A Song for the Dead
The Unidentified Corpse of Stony River, 1922
Hidden Beauty
CĂș Sith
Job Gone Wrong
Is it Really Graverobbing if it's for Science?
Some Called It Freedom
Pit of Forgiveness

Choose Your Corpse!

As an exercise in writing style recognition, we're picking who we think the anonymous story authors are!

See the Fantasy Faction Writing Contest thread for more information.


Fill in who you think is the author (try to be exact with their FF username) next to the story you think they wrote. Then, fill in your username below so we can keep track of who guesses whom.

After that, punch the button to submit your guess!

NOTE: You can submit partial guesses, too. You don't have to fill out all the answers. Also, you can come back and submit as many times as you want and it will replace your guesses. Tho, since I'm not authenticating anyone, please don't hijack others' answers!