Christopher D. Chapman


Below, in no particular order, is a mix of some of the favorite projects I've shipped over the years. Apparently, when you get old, you need to start writing these things down because it's easy to forget all the fun stuff you've worked on over your career. In fact, if you remember a sweet project we worked on together, holler at me and I'll add it to this list.

Since I've been doing this for over 20 years, obvs I've done a lot more than this little list. (Remind me to tell you stories about Buttfurr or Erin Brockovich or my pizza vending machines . . .) These are just some of my favorites that 1) went live into production, and 2) I was compensated for.

Meaning, this list is comprised of more than random hobby undertakings, and these works were produced in a professional capacity.

. . . Oh! And they're marked as to how I was involved in each of them. Probably one of these:

  • Architect
  • Designer
  • Artist
  • Writer
  • Engineer
  • Producer


Back in the days of Mediaphex, I built the world's first internet-based photo kiosk for the guys. You can even still see their patent.

Designer Engineer Artist

The Bone Collector Website

Working for Universal Pictures, I built the award-winning site for The Bone Collector movie.


Wolf Painting

The Norris Geyser Basin Museum at Yellowstone National Park held a national contest for wolf paintings. They purchased my watercolor submission as part of their permanant exhibit.


HP Printer Firmware

We were the ones who built the initial version of the HP LaserJet web interface.

Designer Engineer Artist

Bagel Bites Game

One of the first games I was ever paid for. As part of the launch campaign for Bagel Bites (that's how long ago this was), I built a bagel bite tossing game for their campaign site.


Mural Painting

Once upon a time I wanted to be a professional artist. It only took painting a few walls or storefront windows for a few customers before I decided there's a reason they're called "starving artists".

Designer Writer Engineer

Batman Beyond Maquette

When Batman Beyond was first introduced, I built a companion CD-ROM to go along with it. On the disc was an original animated story constructed with some of the official still-frame art.

Architect Engineer

Mobile Data Management Dashboard

Before there was an iPhone and before managing employee mobile devices was a thing for large corporations, I was part of the team building mobile data management solutions. Specifically, I built an executive dashboard using C#, SOAP, and WSDL.

Architect Designer Writer Engineer Producer Artist

The Singular

My first web-based, UGC MMO. It didn't make much money, and I had to abandon it when we started up Metaplace, but I would dearly love to fire it back up some day. I loved the passive nature of it.

Architect Designer Writer Engineer Producer Artist

Grigori Stones

Speaking of games I want to fire back up some day. The Grigori Stones would be a perfect candidate for blockchain assets. The gameplay was basically Multiplayer Mahjong meets Magic: The Gathering.

Architect Designer Writer Engineer Producer Artist


Being a startup, I wore many hats for many different functional groups. From writing the first client, to architecting out one of the first activity streams in a game, to building a popular game on the platform. My second UGC virtual world. Ahhh, Metaplace. <3< /p>


But, I'm a F#@%ing Dragon!

I'm sort of cheating with this one since it was not a paid victory, but winning the short story contest over at Fantasy Faction is one of my favorite feathers in my cap. I love that community and dearly want to find time to hang out with them more. You should read the story. It's funny.

Architect Producer

Disney Professional Services Program

Once Metaplace had been acquired by Disney, my role on the team changed. Here, I built from the ground up a Professional Services Organization to help game teams build on top of the Metaplace platform. I worked with a bunch of really interesting people and talented teams during this time.

Architect Designer Engineer Producer

Club Penguin

Club Penguin will always be near and dear to my heart. Their mission. The kids. The joy and passion of the team. Probably my most notable contribution to this was my work on the game Card Jitsu Snow.


Activity Streams

As part of the infrastructure driving a host of internal projects at The Walt Disney Company, I worked on the team putting together a large message bus and event processor handling notifications and data updates. It was built out of Java and Apache Storm.


Stanford Machine Learning Certification

While at The Walt Disney Company, I completed Andrew Ng's machine learning course. This was in preparation of several confidential projects exploring using AI/ML in conjunction with many of Disney's characters and IP.

Architect Engineer Producer

ABC Program Scheduler

The service that was used to assemble and maintain the programming schedule for ABC Network's shows needed a more efficient architecture. We took the compilation of the programs and sources from hours to minutes.


Disney Infinity 3

Disney Infinity is an open world game and, taking into consideration the new Toy Box feature, it became the third UGC virtual world I've worked on. And the second to incorporate physical retail items into a game.

Architect Designer Writer Engineer

Star Wars Voice-based Trivia Game

This project started as a text-based chatbot and quickly migrated to a voice-activated game shipped on Google Home. After compiling all the questions, I quickly discovered there are people who know a LOT more about Star Wars than I do.

Architect Engineer

Playmation Marvel Avengers

The Playmation toys were a series of Alternate Reality games using only physical toys and audio cues. We took the infrastructure from costing $30k per month to running on the free tier of Google App Engine.

Architect Engineer

Disneyland Imagineering Projects

As part of the Walt Disney Imagineering Group, we worked on several rides and installations from old standbys like The Haunted Mansion to features aboard Disney Cruise Lines to upcoming (at the time) attractions associated with the Star Wars franchise.

Architect Designer Writer Engineer Producer


While we pushed toward a public launch, like many of the virtual world projects in my history, I did a little bit of everything. Content planning, partnerships, client work, engineering experiences, etc. And a lot of miles between San Diego and Buenos Aires.

Architect Designer Writer Engineer Producer

Plasma Bears

With the team at Blockade Games, we put together a tech demo game called Plasma Bears to prove out the tech stack for the upcoming title, Neon District. This was the first Blockchain Game I helped to ship.


Neon District: The Future. Edited.

As part of the marketing and promotion program, we rolled out a story showcasing many different aspects of life at the intersection between Neon District and Unity. I was lucky enough to be the guy who wrote it. Get your copy here.

Architect Designer Writer Engineer Producer

Neon District

Yet another "many hats" project. All while going through the TechStars program even. Probably my favorite part, however, was designing and running the Founders Program with our Founders Keys. The entire program was unlike anything else at the time.

Architect Designer Writer Engineer Producer

The Sandbox

I was brought in to be the Director of Multiplayer, but ended up designing many of the social experiences on the platform as well as writing the core code for the backend world instancing and matchmaking servers. Oh, and I'm also a landholder.

Thanks for making it this far with me. Make sure you reach out so I know how I can help you, because -- as you can probably tell by now -- I can pretty much help with anything.